Hospice Clinical Charting

Care Planning

Hospicesoft provides a “Living Plan of Care.”  This allows clinicians to not only do their standard assessments during a visit, but also document their care planning on the exact same form.  This centralizes your visits around the patient’s Care Plan, and ensures your staff are always working with the most up-to-date Issues, Goals, and Interventions.

With customizable dropdowns hospices can use common care planning items, or they can enter their own customized item based off of the patient’s current situation.  This ensures that your care plans are personalized and specific to the patient’s or family’s needs.


Customizable Forms

Every form in the hospice software has the ability to be customized by your hospice.  Administrators can control which questions are required, and which questions are not.  With our visual indicator system, anyone can immediately see when there is a missing question, or if they are able to keep moving forward.  They also have the ability to control how questions can pre-populate form to form.  This provides a unique opportunity to truly cater the hospice software to your hospice’s needs.

Clinician’s also have the ability to specify their visit notes with which sections were addressed and not addressed on any given visit.  This allows hospices to differentiate between a full head-to-toe visit, and something as simple as a follow-up visit.


Clinical Charting for Every Discipline – Bereavement, Aide Documentation, Volunteer Documentation, SW, Nurse  -long narratives, dictation, spell check

Hospicesoft is a comprehensive suite designed for all aspects of hospice care.  In addition to nurse, social worker, and chaplain forms, we also provide for volunteer, aide, and bereavement documentation. 

Our hospice software is designed to represent a physical chart’s layout.  Every tab has a specific purpose.  This offers a much smoother transition for staff members who are used to physical, paper charting.  Each tab is color-coded, allowing easy identification and saving you time. 

Also included in your forms are multiple text boxes for narratives to be recorded.  While the boxes may look small, each box allows for nearly 40 pages of information!  Additionally, Hospicesoft utilizes your browser’s built-in spell checking tool to help you quickly identify and eliminate any errors in your notes.  Finally, each of these text boxes supports dictation.  So if your device provides you a dictation tool, you can dictate your notes into the hospice software.


Patient Alerts/Messaging

We realize how important it is for your team to stay up to date on everything going on with their patients and families.  That is why we provide hospices with multiple ways to get real-time updates on anything happening with a patient they’re assigned to.

With our patient Bulletin Boards, your team members can send messages to anyone else on that patient’s clinical team.  These can be created in the general patient record, or you can even send these messages from within your visit notes!  In addition to the messaging tool built into Hospicesoft, your team members can also receive these messages by email or by text message.  Due to HIPAA Regulations, only the patient Medical Record Number will be sent in emails or text messages generated by the system.

In addition to manual messages, the hospice software can also send you real-time updates for any key event that happens with a patient assigned to you.  Whether it’s an on-call event, pain event, medication change or more, you will know exactly what’s going on at all times.


Patient Graphs & Compliance Tools

Hospicesoft gives your team instant access to patient graphs that get automatically generated from previous assessments.  So whether there is a question of decline, or you simply want to spot-check your patient records, you have priceless tools at your disposal. 

We pride ourselves on helping our clients stay compliant.  Within the hospice software, there are numerous tools and safeguards designed to support you in those efforts.  One key feature allows hospices to create customized process lists for any key process in hospice care, such as admissions, visits, discharges, etc.  This not only ensures your staff are following those guidelines, but also lets you see when anything was missed.