Hospice Billing Software Features

With state-of-the-art dashboards in our Hospice Billing Software, your biller will always have the most up-to-date information pertaining to billing at the tip of their fingers. Run in real-time, these Hospice billing reports will give you a snapshot of things like Accounts Receivable and Suspended Claims. We also provide red flags for information that is missing from a patient record, including items like missing insurance data or outstanding forms.

Hospicesoft boasts robust auditing tools for hospice billing purposes. When generating a batch, hospices have the ability to pre-screen patients within that batch to identify any missing pieces. Once created, specific information like lapses in certification, or potential warnings will be identified. With this multi-stage auditing, you can be confident that your claims will come out clean.

Numerous alerts and safeguards exist on the patient record. Hospicesoft will alert you if information like the Physician’s NPI is missing, or if a certain HCPCS code doesn’t match the identified level of care. We also make it extremely clear as to what codes, occurrences, etc. will carry forward to your claims from your patient records.

We make your biller’s job as simple as click, review, and submit. Everything on your claims will automatically populate from the information documented on the patient record. Whether it’s line-item visits, occurrence codes, or total and uncovered charges, you’ll have it.

With the CR8358, significant changes face billers across the nation. Hospicesoft provides a tool to integrate with your pharmacy provider. Your medication file can be uploaded, and our direct mapping allows information to carry directly to your patient record, and then to the claim itself. Suddenly, your mountain just became a mole-hill.