About Us – Hospice Management Suite

Hospice Management Suite is partnered with Q90 Corporation, a top-notch software development company that has been providing technology solutions for the healthcare industry since 1993. We developed Hospice Management Suite at the request of the Hospice community as an easy-to-use, web-based solution for all areas of hospice management.

We understand the frustrations you encounter in managing your Hospice because we work with many hospices across the country. It is our primary objective to create effective solutions for your business so you can be successful in serving your patients.

Part of our commitment to providing you with unparalleled service and support includes hiring the best employees. Our experienced team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.
To learn more about Hospice Management Suite and Q90 Corporation, visit our corporate website at www.Q90.com .


In 2007, Q90 produced an Independent Living Center management tool known as CIL Suite. As CIL Suite grew in popularity (currently over 50 percent of the Independent Living Centers nationwide use CIL Suite), several hospices contacted us about making a similar tool for the management of electronic medical records, medicare billing, scheduling, etc. The result is Hospice Management Suite, hosted as hospicesoft.com. We are proud of our work, and feel that in partnership with our clients we can continue to excel as the simplest, easy to use EMR on the market today.